Core Values

Core Values

Smart Reader® Worldwide SdnBhd is committed to promote integrity and to ensure good business ethics. Every employee of Smart Reader® Worldwide SdnBhd is expected to CONDUCT him or herself in accordance with these core values.


Smart Reader® Worldwide SdnBhd is committed to the highest standard of integrity and full compliance with all applicable laws. We are also committed to the United Nations Declaration of The Rights of The Child 1959 or any other United Nation Declaration pertaining to children ratified by the Government of Malaysia.

Smart Reader® Worldwide SdnBhd respects trademarks and/or copyright owned by others. Hence, as owner of Intellectual Property we justly expect the same from others.We would endure to strictly comply and enforce all laws and regulations in force pertaining to copyright and trademarks in jurisdictions in which we operate.


We believe and uphold to the principle of honesty and truthfulness in our words and action within our organisation, and with our suppliers and customers.

In our journey to provide Educational Experience for Success, we strictly adhere to honesty in our business dealings. We promise to provide full, fair and accurate disclosure to the Government and our customers. However, we shall maintain our confidential information and trade secrets. As part of our commitment to honesty, we assure that our financial transactions are lawful and made for the purpose as authorised by our Management.


We strive to ensure neutrality and fairness in our business dealings as well as within the organisation. We are committed to treat our staff, competitors, suppliers and customers fairly and ethically. We are committed to equal employment opportunities immaterial creed, colour or race consistent with the Laws of Malaysia.


We believe in ensuring proper conduct, control, orderliness and restraint being applied by the Management, staff, suppliers and customers. In this regard our staff is to ensure compliance with our code of conduct towards work and responsibility. Members of staff are to respect each other regardless of designation. Respect should also be shown to suppliers and our customers. All efforts are continuously made to ensure that members of staff are informed of policies, progress and plans of the organisation. As a reflection of our effort to be disciplined we look forward for our customers and suppliers to adopt proper conduct, control, restraint and orderliness in their dealings.

Uncompromising Quality

We are dedicated to provide products and services which are defect free. In our untiring effort to ensure quality, research and development activities are our priorty. In this regard we are committed that opportunity should be provided to members of staff to pursue their goal. We treat feedback of our customers seriously as to ensure zero defect and quality in product and services. We believe that aspect of quality should not be compromised to ensure our customers attain success in their educational experience.


We are committed to this code and principles of accountability and responsibility. Members of our staff are required to be accountable and responsible for their action and towards conforming with company policies. The principle of accountability and responsibility extends to communication within the organisation and with our customers. Members of staff provided with internet facility are to ensure that such connection is primarily for business use and are not permitted to abuse access for personal purposes.


Members of our staff should avoid any activity which leads or likely to lead to a conflict of interest. Members of staff and their family members are not permitted to accept any gifts or hospitality that is offered in connection with ordinary course of business. Members of staff regardless of designation are required to fully disclose to the Chief Executive Officer of any such offer. Members of staff are not permitted to profit or assist others to profit due to exercise of influence, information or position.