Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology®

The success of our education programmes is attributed mainly to the Smart Reader® phonics and the Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology®. Designed by our co-founders, this innovative methodology focuses on nurturing preschoolers to be optimistic, imaginative, independent, and successful.


  • In this approach, students learn easily and readily with interest, fun, and excitement.
  • It includes the constant, comprehensive, and innovative  teachers’ training.
  • Production of resourceful and interesting teaching materials.
  • It ensures that the teachers are well-versed to provide a  positive and stimulating environment for the children.

This system encourages creativity, not only among the students but with the teachers as well. Creativity is a state of mind. Creativity in teaching means observing the topics or contents of a subject and thinking objectively how these facts can be presented to the students effectively using alternative methods instead of performing a traditional approach. As a result, it helps sustain students’ attention span, encourage students to continue with lessons, and helps students to understand and remember the lessons better. Knowledge gained in a fun and stress-free manner, delivered using a creative approach, will be knowledge appreciated and remembered for life.

The strategies applied, the flexibility and versatility of the trained teachers prove that creativity is essential in grooming productive and achieving individuals, and at the same time making the teaching profession rewarding and worthwhile.


  • Nurturing individuals to be optimistic.
  • Imaginative and productive.
  • Long-term results.

To keep abreast with the latest development and demands of the learners, Smart Reader® Worldwide engages in constant research and monitoring of the Smart Reader® programmes. Led by the experience of a professional team of dedicated educationists, it ensures that Smart Reader® Worldwide stays ahead of the game in the early childhood education industry and remains on the cutting edge of innovative preschool education.

“Every learner deserves the best. Whether you are a teacher or a student, find happiness in everything that you do. Love and believe in yourself. Only YOU are in direct control of your future. Triumph and success will be destinations in your life’s journey.”

– Datin Sri Dato’ Dr KH Wang.


  • Teaches children to develop higher level thinking skills.
  • Enhances children’s creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Emphasise on developing higher Emotional Quotients (EQ).
  • Make learning fun and stimulates children with positive  thinking minds.
  • Develop psychomotor skills to synchronize physical and  mind coordination.