3rd June 2015 – SRI® College students of the Diploma in Early Childhood Education, conducted a ‘SARANA’ Talk at SRI® College Exam Hall. The honourable speaker, Mr. Rashdan Bin Rashid, the facilitator of the Parent, Community and Private Sector Initiative shared his tips on The National Education Blueprint 2013-2025 under the 9th Shift, Engagement with Parent, Community and Private Sector Initiative.

SARANA talk was one of the programmes organised by SRI® College to enhance the knowledge of students through interaction with an experienced speaker. All the trainings and talks provided by SRI® College are designed to equip students with useful skills, much in demand by employers, which will prepare them for the competitive job market.

What is ‘SARANA’? It is a programme organised to enhance students’ development by encouraging parents’ participation directly in school activities. The objective of the talk was to create awareness to future parents on child development, the importance of early childhood education and parental roles to Early Childhood Education students.

Mr. Rashdan shared his experience with Smart Reader® Worldwide, the leading early childhood education provider in Malaysia. He noticed that his older son, from Smart Reader Kids®, communicated much better than his second  child  from  an  ordinary pre-school. He also shared four effective and useful tips to participants on how to develop a child’s ability to the fullest.  A child’s development starts from home, so there must be a conducive learning environment at home. Parents should create or join activities that involve their children to form a closer relationship with them. Besides that, parents should communicate more with their children by encouraging them to share and discuss their day during dinner. Last but not least, parents should support their children’s interests, especially during the child’s early learning years till they are 14 years old.

Since 2013, the SARANA programme, has been helping schools to raise funds to hold school activities. Corporate companies, parents and alumni have been encouraged to participate in school activities and not just rely on teachers to educate the students. According to Mr. Rashdan, the SARANA programme was an inspiration from schools abroad, namely the United States and the United Kingdom. Parents from these schools will give pep talks about their successes in life, encourage and motivate the children on how to become successful in life. Students and parents will do activities together such as spring cleaning, sports day and mural wall painting. With SARANA, it is easier for teachers and schools to raise funds to organise students’ activities. At the end of the session, Mr. Keefe Ong, Regulatory Manager of Smart Reader® Worldwide, gave a token of appreciation to the honourable speaker Mr. Rashdan.

Head of SRI College

Head of SRI® College










In addition, SRI® College also welcomed Dr Jeffery J. Louis as the new Head of SRI® College. He comes with 30 years of experience in key management positions, in the academic, automotive and hospitality businesses. He has worked in various MNCs and organisations as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Senior Vice-president and Senior Manager. He has managed many international and local businesses successfully in his career. He is also well-exposed in general management, sales & marketing and international business development. His leadership and management skills are generally in creating strategic plans for business operations and developing quality management tools and marketing innovations. A very passionate leader in education development and leadership, he has brought much change to the education industry by driving employment and industry linkages and developing innovative and creative teaching and learning methodologies. Coupled with his passion in education and skill development, he is aptly positioned to significantly add value to SRI® College.


Mr. Rashdan Bin Rashid, facilitator of the Parent, Community and Private Sector Initiative (seated row third from left), Mr Keefe Ong, Regulatory Manager of Smart Reader® Worldwide (seated row fourth from left) and Azrina Mazlin Alias, Lecturer and organiser of the SARANA event (seated row fifth from left) with SRI® College students of the Diploma in Early Childhood Education




Mr. Rashdan Bin Rashid, facilitator of the Parent, Community and Private Sector Initiative giving a talk about SARANA to SRI® College students pursuing the Diploma in Early Childhood Education.