Smart Reader Kids® Intensive English Programme™

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The Smart Reader Kids® Intensive English programme™

is congruent with a new policy to be implemented by the Malaysian government, which requires English to be made a mandatory passing subject in public universities. The programme helps children to build a strong foundation in the language, enabling them to reach higher levels of English proficiency without much difficulties. The programme emphasises on vocabulary development, communication and public speaking to enhance their verbal expression, fluency and articulation. This programme also enables children to build their self-confidence.

Benefits of Intensive English Programme:

  • Children are exposed to the power of words at a young age
  • To appreciate an important global language
  • To build self confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve verbal communication skills
  • Increase knowledge of new vocabulary
  • Enhance inter-personal communication
  • Able to speak fluently in English
  • Able to read and write effectively in English
  • Able to comprehend the English Language well
  • Able to spell and pronounce words easily
  • Able to apply correct diction, pronunciation and articulation
  • Able to execute grammar skills correctly
  • Able to express feelings and opinions independently
  • Able to present organised thoughts and ideas
  • To develop a sense of accomplishment and empowerment
  • To cultivate convincing and persuasive skills through public speaking
  • To conquer fear and promote leadership through public speaking opportunities
  • To conceive creativity, imagination and originality through our Smart Reader® Creative Teaching Methodology™
  • To empower resourcefulness and reasoning with our learning approach
  • Able to read widely so as to broaden the view of the world around them