Smart and Jack

SMART icon the big, juicy Strawberry is friendly, lovely and adorable. Smart is Jack’s conscience who teaches him what is right and wrong. Smart  is indeed very smart. He is Jack’s best friend. Smart always protects Jack and guides him along. Smart helps Jack and shows him the joy of fun and learning. Smart is always beside Jack to lead him through the journey of reading and understanding the Smart Reader® Creative Teaching Methodology. Smart has taught Jack to appreciate learning, to love Smart Reader® as it is always Simple and Fun!

JACK icon is a young and intelligent boy, who is inquisitive to know more of the world around him. Bespectacled  is playful, cheerful and innocent. He depends on Smart to teach him and guide him through life’s learning experiences. Jack discovers knowledge, facts and truths from Smart. Smart is always his guiding light and his friend in need. Smart gives Jack his vision and mission. Jack will never regret learning to read and write with Smart Reader® as he has now found joy and happiness in learning. Jack wants to be a clever boy and he hopes to be a GREAT inventor and a GOOD leader one day!