Mercy Malaysia received cheque RM5, 000 from Smart Reader® Worldwide for “NEPAL EARTHQUAKE CHILDREN APPEAL”.

From left, Mr Keefe Ong (Regulatory Manager of Smart Reader® Worldwide), Puan Megawati Md. Rashidi (General Manager Communications & Fundraising Department (CFRD)) representative from MERCY Malaysia, Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang Group (Executive Director of Smart Reader® Worldwide) and Mr. Kevan Ong (Executive Director of Smart Reader® Worldwide).



Kuala Lumpur, 7th MAY 2015 – Group Executive Director of Smart Reader® Worldwide, Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang presented a RM5, 000 cheque to the General Manager of Communications & Fundraising Department at MERCY Malaysia, Puan Megawati Md Rashidi as part of the company’s noble contribution to the “Nepal Earthquake Children Appeal” fund.

This contribution is part of Smart Reader® Worldwide’s CSR mission to ensure food, shelter and education are provided to the displaced and disadvantaged children of Nepal since the earthquake struck the country late last month (on the 25th of April 2015).

Together present were the Executive Director of Smart Reader® Worldwide, Mr. Kevan Ong and Regulatory Manager of Smart Reader® Worldwide, Mr Keefe Ong.

The heavy lurching Nepal earthquake with a 7.8-magnitude has seriously affected 65,000 lives and the death toll has hit 7,500 and continues to climb.

Dreams, hope and freedom has been rocked away in a blink of an eye.

This unfortunate event has fostered Smart Reader® Worldwide to champion this charitable cause.

Annahita Bakavoli, Manager of Publicity Department said, “Over the past years, Smart Reader® Worldwide has managed to organize various funds for children’s charities and today once again, Smart Reader continues its noble mission to help the less fortunate. It is for them that I on behalf of Smart Reader® Worldwide make this ongoing request… give, for your contributions to charity really do have the power to lift kids out of poverty, sickness, fear and to fill their lives with the promise of a better tomorrow.”

Smart Reader® Worldwide franchisees were also present at the event and participated in donating to the “Nepal Earthquake Children Appeal” fund.