Smart Reader® Worldwide made great strides in the field of early childhood education when it received several international awards attesting to its unwavering commitment for quality and excellence.

At the recent Bizz Latin America 2013 Awards Ceremony held on 27 July 2013 in Melia Cabo Real, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, Smart Reader® Worldwide was conferred the coveted Be A Legend Award.

The award is the highest honour bestowed by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) for organisations that have previously received the Bizz Award, Peak of Success Award and Beyond Success Award. Smart Reader® Worldwide is proud to be the only organisation representing Malaysia to receive this honour.

The Bizz Latin America 2013 Awards Ceremony is considered to be the world’s most important business award. The recognition is presented to the most outstanding businesses in various countries and celebrates the success measured by WORLDCOB to represent Business Excellence. The six criteria are in terms of business leadership, management systems, quality of goods and/or services, business creativity and innovation, corporate social responsibility and achievements and recognitions.

The prestigious awards ceremony witnessed 63 organizations from different parts of the world receiving the recognition. It has enabled world-class business leaders to share experiences, exchange ideas and foster business relations globally.

The organizer, WORLDCOB is a leading business organization based in Houston, Texas in the United States. Dedicated to promote business development, recognise and boost the growth of leading organisations and businessmen as well as promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), WORLDCOB at present has more than 3000 associate members from over 65 countries around the world.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Richard Ong and Group Executive Director, Dato’ Dr KH Wang represented Smart Reader® Worldwide.

In addition to the Be A Legend Award, Smart Reader® Worldwide was honoured with the Excellence in Business Recognition Certificates for its Board of Directors and Management Team while both Dr Ong and Dato’ were bestowed with the World Business Leader Certificates.  Due recognition was also accorded to Smart Reader® Worldwide‘s Excellence in Business Management.

Aside from Smart Reader® Worldwide being recognised as a legend in entrepreneurship, Dato’ explained that the organisation hopes to leave behind a great early childhood education system as a legacy that will continue from generation to generation.

As a successful organisation that continues to grow and prosper extensively while maintaining excellence at its peak, she mentioned that Smart Reader® Worldwide has always been classified as the organisation that inspires others. Therefore it came to no surprise for Smart Reader®Worldwide to be recognised and voted as the inspirational organisation.

“Let our service be a gift to the children of the world and let our name be known globally and be remembered by the future generations,” added Dato’ Dr K H Wang.

The Bizz Latin America 2013 awards along with the many awards received over the years clearly demonstrate Smart Reader® Worldwide’s position as the leader in the early childhood education industry, in Malaysia as well as foreign shores.



Chief Executive Officer, Dr Richard Ong and Group Executive Director, Dato’ Dr KH Wang represented Smart Reader® Worldwide at the Bizz Latin America 2013 Awards Ceremony.