We would like to invite you to nominate the Smart Reader Kids ® centre of your choice for ‘The Most Popular Smart Reader Kids ® Centre 2015’ Award in conjunction of Smart Reader® Worldwide most prestigious event of the year, Smart Reader ® Worldwide Franchisee Award Night. Your votes will help the entitled centre shine and receive the acknowledgement that it deserves!

Smart Reader ® Worldwide Franchisee Award Night is an annual event organized by Smart Reader® Worldwide to honour and accord recognition to high performing Smart Reader ® Worldwide franchisees. This year for the first time ever, we are giving a chance for all parents of Smart Reader Kids ® to vote for your favourite centre. The Smart Reader Kids ® Centre with the most vote will be nominated as the winner of “The Most Popular Smart Reader Kids® Centre 2015” award during Smart Reader ® Worldwide Franchisee Award Night! All you have to do is visit our Facebook here and view on the selections of the centre. Click on your pick and scroll down to submit your votes.

Be a part of this auspicious event and nominate your promising candidate today. Do like our Facebook page for live updates on the event and recent news from Smart Reader® Worldwide.

Terms and Conditions
1- Voting is available online at Smart Reader Wordwide Facebook Page.
2- One follower is eligible to only one vote.
3- Voting ends on 26th October 2015.
4- Smart Reader ® Worldwide reserves the right to terminate or suspend voting before the end date.
5- Smart Reader ® Worldwide reserves the right to disqualify votes
6- Smart Reader ® Worldwide decision in relation to all matters affecting the award is final.
7- Smart Reader ® Worldwide reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel, alter or amend the voting contest due to any circumstances that arise beyond our control.