The start of the school year can be difficult for young children. Many children face anxiety as they stray away from the comfort of their home and family. As the premier provider of early childhood education in Malaysia, Smart Reader® Worldwide, recognises this concern and has spent the last three decades in developing a range of internationally-acclaimed programmes.

From its established curriculum, to its trained and qualified educators and the provision of optimum learning environments, Smart Reader Kids® centres around the nation are carefully designed to provide children with a holistic early childhood educational experience. Complemented with its fun, unique and simple approach, it ensures keeps students interested and ultimately encourages them to develop a passion for knowledge. This is why Smart Reader Kids® is truly known as every child’s dream school.

Smart Reader Kids® Taman Ria Indah, Sg Petani has absolute confidence in the loving and caring educators who are well-trained in dealing with small children. Franchisee of the centre, Pn. Shaja bt Jamil said “We have a planned orientation month to ease students into their new learning environment. Like the classes, the orientation activities implement the Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology®. Besides making them fun and easy to understand, we promote cooperation among students, sharing of ideas and at times the rightful independence needed to let creativity flourish.” With great experiences in early childhood care, parents that enrol in Smart Reader Kids® Taman Ria Indah can be assured that their children will look forward to a fun and exciting time at school every day.

As students spend the majority of their day in classrooms, Mrs. Rebecca, principal of Smart Reader Kids® Kepong Business Park is committed in providing an effective teaching and learning process through her centre’s conducive learning environment. This is enhanced by the clean, fully air-conditioned classroom and tip-top security facilities. “Parents should not have any concerns about leaving their little ones at our centre. Our educators are determined in creating a positive and nurturing atmosphere for the children. Along with Smart Reader Kids® unique programme, we expose them to exhilarating hands-on activities and group participation. This makes the transition into schooling period easy and enjoyable” she quoted.

Once nervous newcomers, the students of Smart Reader Kids® Taman Ria Indah, Sungai Petani proudly pose in their graduation robes with the franchisee, Pn. Shaja bt Jamil.

Fun learning session at Smart Reader Kids® Kepong Business Park