“The greatest reward for commitment is achievement.” As she stays true to her quote, Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang, Group Executive Director of Smart Reader® Worldwide was presented with an award to continue her tenure as the Malaysia Book of Records holder for the woman entrepreneur with the most number of awards – local and international with a total to 48 awards to date. The most recent award conferred to Datin Sri Dato’ Dr KH Wang was the Women Icons 2017 award during the Women Icons Summit & Awards organised by the Business Excellence and Research Group.

Held on 30th January 2018 at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, The Women Icons Summit & Awards celebrates and honours the accomplishments and contributions of women who have excelled in various fields. For Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang, winning this award is an honourable acknowledgement for the decades of hard work and she hopes it will inspire more women to thrive in their respective careers.

Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang is not only a prominent figure in the Malaysian education industry, but she is also a powerful icon among women in the nation. Passionate about early childhood education, Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. Wang is best known as the co-founder of the Smart Reader Kids®, which is the largest chain of child enrichment centres in Malaysia. The franchise centres, which can now be found in over 450 different locations, in Malaysia as well as other countries such as Australia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei, and United Arab Emirates.

The success story of the Smart Reader Kids® brand can be attributed to its strong fraternity of successful franchisees who are predominantly women. With the assistance and support of quality products and services from the franchisor, these entrepreneurs had excelled in building their franchises, winning national and international awards such as the Franchisee of the Year by Malaysian Franchise Association and Honorary Stevie Award for Women in Business in New York along the way.

As an advocate of Early Childhood Education, she is also the mind behind the National One Child One Hope Education Scholarship Programme.  Since its inception, more than 500 less fortunate children nationwide, through numerous charity establishments have benefitted from this programme.

It goes without saying, Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang is an incredible role model for female figures to look up to. Her best advice is to “Dream big and never settle to anything less than what you desire.”

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Datin Sri Dato’ Dr. KH Wang was awarded with the Women Icons 2017 award. She is one of 19 recipients of the award. The Women Icons Award recognises women who have displayed a strong capability to perform well in any field of endeavour.