Preschool is not only the best way to prepare your young ones for primary school, it is an important step in developing positive social, emotional and physical growth. A quality preschool provides children with the opportunity to build a solid foundation of learning as well as allow them to grasp the basics of interaction and communication by listening to instructions, co-operating with other students and participating in various activities.

Presenting children with a quality well-rounded early childhood educational experience, Smart Reader® Worldwide has established themselves as the leading preschool education provider. Comprehensive research and development were carried out by certified and experienced professionals to create a range of globally-recognised Smart Reader Kids® programmes. The Smart Reader Kids® Tamil Language Programme has been developed to suit the high demands from parents requesting a foundational programme before entering into Tamil Primary Schools. Through our Smart Reader Kids® Tamil Language Programme, students will learn to read and speak through the highly effective Smart Reader® phonics method designed to develop the students’ ability to deliver speech articulately, expand their vocabulary, as well as to generate their interests in reading.

Pn. Kathy Mat Noor, franchisee of Smart Reader Kids® Putra Point states that parents are happy that their children are able to not only learn the core schooling subjects such as English, Science and Mathematics, but also the Tamil Language. The experience is enhanced with the implementation of the Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology® which has transform lessons into a fun, simple and effective process. Further, the students at Smart Reader Kids® Putra Point learn through various creative activities such as, books, games, songs and arts to ensure lessons are more stimulating and engaging. Pn. Kathy quoted that “A Tamil language programme is not a programme that is offered widely by preschools in Malaysia. However, thanks to the comprehensive research and development conducted by the academic professionals of Smart Reader® Worldwide and its well-structured syllabus, children can now easily attained quality Tamil language lesson through Smart Reader Kids® Tamil Language programme at Smart Reader Kids® centres.”

Students of Smart Reader Kids® Putra Point had wonderful time learning Tamil language.