In recent years, the English language has gained significant importance in Malaysia as it is widely and extensively utilised in communication, informative literature and websites, business and finance as well as entertainment. Realising its significance, Smart Reader® Worldwide introduced the Smart Reader Kids Intensive English Programme®, which is specially designed to sharpen children’s English language skills from a young age.

The programme helps children build a good foundation in the language, allowing them to attain higher levels of English proficiency in future. This programme has successfully been proven to boost children’s fluency and articulation in conversing and writing in the English language. This is enhanced by the conducive learning environment in Smart Reader Kids® centres coupled with interesting learning aids designed to add excitement in the children’s learning sessions.

Many working parents are concerned on how to ensure that their little one’s had the best after-school care. By enrolling for a full-day session in a Smart Reader Kids® centre, students will be able to spend their evening productively. Franchisee of Smart Reader Kids® Precint 11, Putrajaya, En. Mohd Rajaie understands that a young mind is malleable and it is during a child’s formative years that the rate of learning is at its highest, and thus, the importance of a quality holistic early childhood education programme must be prioritised. “The Smart Reader Kids Intensive English Programme® is a comprehensive programme that invests in a child’s development in their communication and language skills. We have seen students as young as 3 years old that demonstrate tremendous improvements in both oral and written literacy. This will definitely prepare them to face a more advance lessons during primary education and beyond.”

Franchisee of Smart Reader Kids® Precint 11, Putrajaya, En. Mohd Rajaie spending quality times with the students

The Smart Reader Kids Intensive English Programme® aims to establish a stress-free but beneficial after-school session. Franchisee of Smart Reader Kids® Desa Pandan, En. Wan Ahmad Diah B Wan Abdul Manan, explained that the programme does not only focus on the  enhancement of children’s English language skills but also in developing the children’s creativity and their interest towards the learning process. He said “Our educators diligently utilises various innovative activities such as role-play, storytelling, and quiz sessions. It is important that the curriculum has the perfect balance of both language enrichment exercises and fun activities that assist in developing students’ physical, motor and cognitive skills. This is aligned with the patented Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology®.”