In conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the team aimed to spark happiness and cheer in the hearts of the less fortunate, as well as deliver some contributions to aid the home. Rumah Penyayang Darul Ilmi, a shelter home that houses over 55 orphaned, underprivileged, and abandoned children.  

The event started with short greetings and distribution of cookies and cake to the children in Rumah Penyayang Darul Ilmi.  Encik Wan Razmie bin Wan Othman then, President of Darul Ilmi Malaysia gave a welcome speech to the team. This was continued with a brief speech to greet the children in the shelter home by Mr. Kevan Ong, Executive Director of Smart Reader® Worldwide.

According to Mr. Ong, “We are especially passionate in helping underprivileged children. At Smart Reader® Worldwide, we understand education forms a vital building block of a child’s life. We hope that the contributions we made today will have a positive impact, not only to be able to bring smiles to their faces today, but to assist them to succeed in the future,” he stated during the visit. 

The children were then entertained by the singing of Hari Raya Songs, some fun activities and quizzes by the team. Encik Wan Razmie together with the children entertained the team by singing few Hari Raya songs before ending the visit with a photo session.