As the premier preschool education provider, Smart Reader® Worldwide has developed a range of international award-winning programmes.  Developed along a uniquely designed concept, it offers an ingenious educational experience that cannot be matched.  In line with its mission to provide quality early childhood education throughout the world, the brand is set to take great strides and gearing to achieve greater success with major expansion plans.   

On 11th July 2019, a momentous event had taken place today as the executive director of Smart Reader® Worldwide, Mr. Kevan Ong had signed the Memorandum of Understanding between Smart Reader® Worldwide with Eshia and Associates as representatives of ETS for the TOIEC, TOEFL ITP, and TOEFL JUNIOR programmes, and the new ambassador of Smart Reader Kids Islamic®, Azman Syah bin Alias (PU Azman).  Witnessing the occasion was the executive director of Smart Reader® Worldwide, Mr. Keefe Ong, Vice Chairman of Malaysia Franchise Association (MFA), Dato’ Zahriah Abd. Kadir, Managers of Construction and Business Services, MATRADE, Mr. Azrul Ezwan and Mr. Syed Sahibul, and Assistant Manager of Construction and Business Services, MATRADE, Ms. Nur Fatihah Anis.

From left:  Azrul Ezwan (MATRADE), Dato’ Zahriah (MFA), Keefe Ong, Kevan Ong (SRW), PU Azman, Ezani Amir, Sham Amir (Eshia & Associates), and Syed Sahibul (MATRADE) at the singing ceremony.

Mr. Keefe Ong in his speech stated that these MoUs commits Smart Reader® Worldwide to work together more closely towards our common goal, the pursuit of raising the standards of education. This is in line with Smart Reader® Worldwide’s vision and mission to provide a global class education for the world.

The objectives of the MOU with Eshia and Associates aims to increase the level of proficiency of English at all ages across Malaysia. Through the assessment tools provided by ETS and the Smart Reader® English programme, we will be able to objectively measure what students know and can do, reduce the achievement gaps, and ensure that all learners are prepared to be successful.

Mr. Azman Syah bin Alias also known as PU Azman on the other hand was introduced as the new face of the Smart Reader Kids Islamic® programme.  The appointment of PU Azman is a stepping stone for Smart Reader® Worldwide to create more awareness on the importance of Islamic education from a young age. The Smart Reader Kids® Islamic programme has been carefully curated and developed by our panel of writers as well as experienced experts from Masjid Negara, with DYTM RMP as our Royal Patron. It is a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses the main components of Islamic teaching. 

 “These MOUs represent a momentous step towards achieving our mission of providing a global class education for the world. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone whose dedication and efforts have contributed to the execution of these MOUs, especially Eshia and Associates and PU Azman. We hope to be able to bring the standards of education to greater heights”, said Mr. Keefe Ong.