Good news for AIA customers!  

We want to offer an exclusive offer just for you. 

Offer in the form of a 50% off registration fee and FREE Enrichment A-Z Book Set for new registrations. 

How to make a redemption? It’s easy. Please refer to the descriptions below. 


  1. This Offer is applicable for the one-time redemption of 50% off the Registration fees and the Enrichment books valued at RM60 ONLY. 
  1. This Offer is ONLY valid for AIA Customers who have downloaded the My AIA app. 
  1. This Offer is valid from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022. 
  1. This Offer is only redeemable and applicable for: 
  • New Smart Reader Kids® students who have enrolled at a Smart Reader Kids® centre for a minimum of one (1) term;  
  • Provided that Smart Reader Kids® student is a family member, legal guardian and/or relative of the AIA Customer redeeming the offer. 
  1. Smart Reader® Worldwide Sdn Bhd reserves the right to forfeit the offer amount from the deposit of advance fees and/or any sum deposit with the centre if a student discontinues without completing a minimum enrolment for one (1) term. 
  1. This Offer is non-transferable, non-refundable & non-exchangeable for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only. This Offer cannot be used to offset the purchase of materials or fees. 
  1. This Offer is not exchangeable for any outstanding school fees and/or payments owing to the centre. 
  1. This Offer is not valid with the use of other promotions & offers. 
  1. Smart Reader® Worldwide Sdn Bhd reserves the right of the final decision in the event of any disputes arising from the use of the Offer & request for the alternative forms of payments if the Offer is fraudulently obtained or used. 
  1. Smart Reader® Worldwide reserves the right to vary and/or amend the privileges to the terms & condition of this Offer without prior notice. 
  1. The bearer of this Offer is bound by the Terms & Condition of this Offer.