The winner of the 2023 Graduates’ Choice Award is Smart Reader® Worldwide.

Smart Reader® Worldwide was recently voted as the Champion in Education (Early Childhood Development) category at the annual Graduates’ Choice Award (GCA). Smart Reader® Worldwide is part of the Top 10 Malaysian’s Most Preferred Graduate Employers to Work in 2023, particularly in the Education category. 

The GCA is the most prestigious graduate employer branding award in the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand or APAC, as voted by the students. Leading organisations recognise the GCA as a symbol of distinction for organisations. It acts as an unambiguous benchmark for hiring graduates.

Smart Reader® Worldwide, the nation’s leading early childhood education provider, has developed a range of international award-winning Smart Reader Kids® programmes that focus on developing children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. In addition, the lessons are delivered in specially designed environment that is safe and stimulating. All in all, the programmes are aimed to provide the best educational experience for the students.

The provision of quality preschool education is essential to giving children the best start in life. In a good preschool environment, children are able to process knowledge faster, memorise information better as well as motivate them to take more interest in the act of learning itself. Therefore, it is imperative that sufficient emphasis is placed into selecting the right preschool.

Over the last 2 decades, Smart Reader® Worldwide has grown to be the nation’s largest chain of Child Enrichment Centres in Malaysia, in addition to the international franchise expansions in Australia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. Today, Smart Reader® Worldwide and the range of Smart Reader Kids® brands has become an exemplary homegrown brand renowned in the preschool and early years education industry.

With its unique teaching approach, The Smart Reader Creative Teaching Methodology®, being incorporated into all programmes, Smart Reader® Worldwide has benefitted and touched the lives of many children. This exceptional methodology ensures the learners’ eagerness to learn. Its flexibility and versatility lends excitement to the whole learning process. Learners are encouraged to think and analyse, this empowers them to produce and perform beyond expectations. It exudes happiness and confidence and ultimately gives a great sense of accomplishment to the children. SRCTM® is the methodology for children of the 21st century.

In addition to providing quality learning, Smart Reader® Worldwide also offers a variety of job opportunities for graduates out there, from operational management to being directly involved in educations. In addition to referring to the diverse job opportunities in Malaysia, Smart Reader® Worldwide also provides opportunities for graduates to obtain experiences and exposure outside of Malaysia.

Above all, programme at Smart Reader Kids® that are of international standard must go hand in hand with the quality of the educators produced. in order to ensure that the educators reach the set level or standard, they need to undergo several training and development sessions which are supervised by experienced trainers. A teacher training and development is a programme that equips educators with techniques and modern pedagogy strategies that helps them to better connect with, manage and teach to their students in a manner which ensures that all students are learning and benefitting. Educators training and development, when conducted in the right manner and with the right content, it has the power to train educators to such an extent that they go on to positively impact students not just in academics but also outside of it.

The list of educational programmes provided by Smart Reader® Worldwide consists of the Smart Reader Kids®, Smart Reader Kids Islamic®, Smart Reader Kids® Mandarin Medium, Smart Reader Kids I Enjoy Play-learning, Smart Reader Kids® Tamil Language Programme, and Smart Reader Kids++®.

For more information on programmes and job opportunities, call our SMARTLine: 1300 88 5555 or email us at, visit our website at or visit our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at smartreaderworldwide for more information.