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SEGAMBUT – In line with Smart Reader® Worldwide’s 20 golden years in franchised early education, we have launched an amazing contest for lucky parents who registered at any of our 300 centres nationwide between September and December 2020. Many prizes were up for grabs, with a value of more than RM100,000 to be won as […]


In response to the government’s call, Smart Reader® Worldwide has taken a very cautious step to re-open all its centres across Malaysia. Although e-learning has been implemented in all centres from the beginning of the MCO, the 1st July 2020 re-opening of all centres allowed its students to resume their education. Understanding the impact and […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 7

Welcome to Day 7! As we reach the end of the week, we hope everyone is still in good health 🙂 Take your time as you go through these brain teasers. Happy Sunday! English Brain Teaser for 2 – 4 years English Brain Teaser for 5 – 6 years Islamic Brain Teaser Mandarin Brain Teaser for 2 […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 6

Welcome to Day 6! Happy Monday! We are back with more fun things for you kids 🙂 We hope you’ve been behaving and not give mama and papa a tough time at home. Come and join us with these quizzes and activities. English Brain Teaser for 2 – 4 years English Brain Teaser for 5 […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 5

Welcome to Day 5! How are we doing so far, kids? Have our quizzes been boosting your brain power? We sure hope so! Coming to our last share for the week, let’s see how many you’ll get right with today’s questions. Our next list of activities will be up next Monday 🙂 English Brain Teaser […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 4

Welcome to Day 4! We’re halfway through. How was your role playing yesterday? Did your imagination run wild? Feel free to share pictures of you and your family in action, and tag us @smartreaderworldwide on Instagram or Facebook! Now, lets see how you fare on today’s teasers 😉 English Brain Teaser for 2 – 4 […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 3

Welcome to Day 3! We have great news. Many have requested for Islamic and Mandarin based teasers and voila! We have them ready for you today until the rest of the week. On another note, we hope you have been good by staying home and maintaining good hygiene. Remember to practice social distancing if you […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! Thanks for such a great response. We hope you had fun learning by having a go at our teasers yesterday. Do share the fun with your friends. Here’s more: Click here: Brain Teaser for 2 – 4 years Click here: Brain Teaser for 5 – 6 years Time to practice some […]

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Brain Teaser and Fun Activity Day 1

Welcome to Day 1! So it begins! A train of fun things for your little ones to do with you will be coming every day this week. Let’s start with some brain teasers. We have two quizzes, one for ages 2-4 and the other for ages 5-6. Click here: Brain Teaser for 2 – 4 […]

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Fun & Educational Indoor Activities

Hello, parents! In light of our current situation, we are here to remind you to stay safe by staying home. So, what can we do to keep our children entertained for the days to come? Our team will be sharing Marvellous Bright Ideas (MBI)  for the kids to learn a few new indoor activities every weekday until […]