DuitSmart Kids Programme

Smart Reader® Worldwide Sdn Bhd has joined forces with Hong Leong Bank to roll-out a new financial literacy programme for children aged five and six called DuitSmart Kids, engaging them to cultivate a healthy relationship with money early on. The programme is an expansion of the Bank’s existing DuitSmart programme, a financial sustainability initiative focused on engaging Malaysians with approachable and relatable content and, activities on financial knowledge and information.

The DuitSmart Kids programme is part of efforts to increase financial literacy in a bid to develop a wiser generation who are more financially responsible. The programme features a curriculum of 10 video-based lessons and activities created by Smart Reader Kids® with Hong Leong Bank providing its expertise as a financial advisor. The curriculum will be used during school hours at all Smart Reader Kids® centres nationwide.

Hong Leong Bank will be onboarding children who participate in the DuitSmart Kids programme with a 3-in-1 Junior Savings Account that comes with Fixed Deposit, a high-interest savings account and a Junior Debit Card. The Bank will be pre-loading the Junior Debit Card with RM20 for the children to put their learnings into action and discover new experiences in handling their own savings, and every Smart Reader Kids®️ student that partakes in the programme will receive an exclusive wallet to kickstart their healthy money habits.