Innovative Learning System

Developed by certified and experienced professionals, our latest innovative schooling systems - The Smart Student Management System (SSMS) and the Smart Kinder-Tech programme, will be incorporated in Smart Reader Kids®' educational programmes in 300 centres nationwide. These systems feature tech-based applications that will revolutionise not only the learning environment, but also the entire learning ecosystem, including the students’ well-being, safety, and progress in school.


The Smart Student Management System (SSMS) is an innovative system applied in Smart Reader Kids® centres, which offers a one-stop platform to access all information about your child including attendance, activities, and achievements at your fingertips. This new tech-based environment complements the international award-winning programmes at Smart Reader Kids®, a well-structured syllabus with a holistic focus on the development of cognitive, motor and social skills.


The Smart Kinder-Tech Programme is an amazing, fun, and interactive e-learning tool that incorporates technology in lessons to create a more conducive classroom and enables children to enjoy stimulating and engaging classes. This programme can be accessed through various digital devices. Try it now on Apple or .