We recognise the importance of early childhood education in developing a child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills. Smart Reader Kids® programmes are created to fully equip your child to face the next level of studies after preschool.

Smart Reader Kids®

Ages 3 - 6

Smart Reader Kids® follows a systematic teaching and creative syllabus that exposes children to exciting hands on activities and group participation. This programme is designed to be completed in 4 years and is created to fully equip a child to face the next level of studies after preschool.

At the end of 4 years, your child will obtain the following skills:

Language, literacy & communication

  • Read, write, and speak in English.
  • Improve communication skills.

Logical thinking & mathematical skills

  • Understand basic mathematical concepts to solve simple everyday problems.

Social & emotional development

  • Good mannerisms.
  • Learn to consider the feelings of others.

Physical development & motor skills

  • Develop fine motor skills.
  • Learn to be independent.


  • Smart Reader® English
  • Smart Bacaan®
  • Smart Maths®
  • Smart Science
  • Smart Hygiene/Moral
  • Creative Arts
  • Smart Kinder-Tech


  • Fardu Ain
  • Smart Mandarin®
  • Tamil Programme


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