We recognise the importance of early childhood education in developing a child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills. Smart Reader Kids® programmes are created to fully equip your child to face the next level of studies after preschool.

Smart Reader Kids Plus Plus® (Daycare & Transit centre)

Ages 7 - 12

The brand new Smart Reader Kids Plus Plus® programme is a ‘one-stop after / before school session’ for school-going children aged 7 – 12. During this session, they will complete their homework, have their meals, and rest in a secure, and conducive environment.

Children can enjoy many benefits when enrolled in this programme:-

  • Homework coaching
    • Children will be guided by qualified teachers to complete their homework by the time they get home.
  • Enrichment-based activities
    • Children’s confidence is strengthened and their linguistics skills, arithmetic, and higher-order thinking skills are developed through a variety of enrichment-based activities.
  • Time for socializing
    • Creates an avenue for children to communicate, build relationships, and socialize, for their overall development.
  • Regular schedules & routine
    • Structured time for children to do activities will benefit them on the whole.
  • Free time
    • Children will have completed homework and revision by the time they get home, which gives them ample time for their hobbies or other activities.

The Smart Reader Kids Plus Plus® programme aims to maximise children’s productivity after or before school. This programme will not only benefit the children but also the parents by giving them extra quality time with their children at home.

At the end of the programme:

  1. Children will build their confidence level and self-image.
  2. Children will learn to respect others.
  3. Children will be more independent and self-reliant.
  4. Children will be encouraged to make their own decisions.
  5. Children will be able to express themselves well.


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