We recognise the importance of early childhood education in developing a child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills. Smart Reader Kids® programmes are created to fully equip your child to face the next level of studies after preschool.

Smart Reader Kids I Enjoy Play-learning™

Ages 4 - 6

I Enjoy Play – learning (IEP) is a unique full day programme which incorporates play-based learning approach in its curriculum.  In this programme, learning becomes more exciting and thrilling as children are introduced to many hands on activities. The IEP programme provides an avenue for children to explore and learn things on their own, which is very crucial especially in the formative years. The 4 main components in the IEP Programme are; Smart Mindfulness Programme, Curriculum Reinforcement, Inspirational Book Series, and Intensive English Programme.

At the end of 3 years, your child will obtain the following skills:

Language, literacy & communication

  • Read, write, and speak in English.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Increased mastery of English.
  • Enhanced diction and pronunciation

Cognitive skills

  • Logical thinking.
  • Problem solving.
  • Creative and imaginative thinking.

Social & emotional development

  • Good mannerisms.
  • Learn to consider the feelings of others.

Physical development & motor skills

  • Develop fine motor skills.
  • Learn to be independent.


  • Reading / PhonicsReading / Phonics
  • Writing, Vocabulary Building, Grammar, Oral Communication, Spelling, Public Speaking
  • Story Reading / Telling
  • Creative Play / Colouring / Painting
  • Role Play / Dramas• Songs / Rhymes
  • Appreciation of Poems
  • Games / Quizzes / Spelling Challenges
  • Sway N Swing with English
  • Word Treasure


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