SRK Franchise Opportunity - Smart Reader® Worldwide
We recognise the importance of early childhood education in developing a child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills. Smart Reader Kids® programmes are created to fully equip your child to face the next level of studies after preschool.

Smart Reader® Tutorial

Ages 4 - 12

Smart Reader® Tutorial programme enables children to reach higher levels of proficiency in selected subjects. The programme is designed to be completed in multiple levels and is created for subjects taught in primary school.

Smart Reader® English

  • Excel in English Language.
  • Mould them into excellent readers, speakers, and writers.

Smart Mandarin® Programme

  • Use accurate pronunciation of Chinese characters.
  • Strong foundation in Han Yu Pin Yin.
  • Enhancement of reading and writing skills.

Smart Bacaan®

  • Master Bahasa Melayu.
  • Read, speak, and write in a short span of time.

Smart Calculation®

  • Mathematics taught in an interactive way.

Smart Speaker_Writer®

  • The Smart Speaker_Writer Series addresses public speaking and creative
    writing skills of young learners. Students will learn to present organised
    thoughts and ideas, and write with correct grammar based on picture
    cards of different themes.


  • Smart Reader® English
  • Smart Bacaan®
  • Smart Mandarin®
  • Smart Reader® Speaker_Writer Series Programme
  • Smart Calculation®
  • Word Treasure


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