Thematic Approach Concept

Thematic approach concept is an instructional method of teaching which emphasises on choosing a specific theme for teaching one or many concepts.In Smart Reader® Kids, thematic learning goes beyond a normal preschool centre where we have our own standard learning environment towards one definite concept; and this creative and fun environment applies to all our centres.

We create themed rooms with fun and exciting elements to capture the children’s attention in coming to school and learning the best way. For each brand of study, the designs are different to rejuvenate the children’s mood of learning every day. The fully-immersed environment may stimulate their attention towards learning sessions, and create a conducive and neat learning environment.

In classroom settings, we have different sections where students experience different environments within one preschool centre. For example, in Language & Linguistics, we have Smart Reader Village, Smart Tadris, Xiao Bao Bei, and Kampungku themes. For Logical & Math session, we have Computer Whiz, Nature Kingdom, and Maths Magic. In order for children to learn with creative and fun environment, we created a Recreation section that includes Music Symphony, Fun Spot, Paint Station, and Smart Fun Tales themes.